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Impaqed Products BV located in Apeldoorn (NL) is your supplier of a range of automotive products. Over the past years we've developed into the Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) specialist.

Tyre pressure has a huge impact on fuel consumption, CO2 emission, tyre life, road safety and operational reliability of all types of vehicles. No exceptions.

A TPMS is a powerful tool to help you maintain the correct tyre pressure at all times, by constantly providing you with real-time information on your tyres.

Our TPMS range includes systems made to specifically fit all types of vehicles, from 2 wheels up to 180. From motor bikes to professional Truck TPMS for connection to TomTom/Track&Trace/board computer.


NEW! Recent new product introductions:

  • TPMS for Road Trains and EcoKombi's
  • Truck TPMS with CAN-Bus connectivity
  • Monitor your car tyres with your iPhone or Android Smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth.
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